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Our Mission: Divine Wellness Inc. supports individuals who require community stabilization and psychiatric rehabilitation services to provide quality resources to build a sustainable person-centered recovery model.

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Our rehabilitation team is comprised of a Program Director, Program Coordinator, Licensed Rehabilitation Specialists and Rehabilitation Counselors. Our team ensures a consistent, safe and rehabilitative environment for each client.

PRP services are billable through medical assistance.

To be eligible to receive psychiatric rehabilitation services in the state of Maryland, the client has a mental health DSM-IV diagnosis included in the Priority Population as defined by the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, and the client’s impairment(s) can be expected to be stabilized at this level of care.

  1. The impairment results in at least one of the following:

  2. A clear, current threat to the Individual’s ability to live in his/her customary setting

  3. An inability to be employed or attend school without support

  4. An inability to manage the effects of his/her mental illness

  5. The client’s condition requires an integrated program of rehabilitation services to develop and restore independent living skills to support his/her recovery.

  6. The client must be concurrently engaged in outpatient mental health treatment.

  7. All individuals residing in an RRP must have PRP services available.

  8. The client does not require a more intensive level of care.

  9. All less intensive levels of treatment have been determined to be unsafe or unsuccessful.

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