Our Mission: Divine Wellness Inc. supports individuals who require community stabilization and psychiatric rehabilitation services to provide quality resources to build a sustainable person-centered recovery model.

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Our Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is a mental health rehabilitation support program designed as an alternative to and prevention of in-patient psychiatric hospitalization. Our PRP program addresses the psychiatric rehabilitative needs of the clients with a chronic mental illness.

This population requires skill development and moderate to intensive support to function independently or with a care giver’s support in residential, educational and social environments.

Divine Wellness Inc. rehabilitation approach allows clients to identify self-directed goals and develop a plan on how to reach their goals.

Program activities aim to improve the following:

  1. Reality Orientation / Psychiatric Stability

  2. Coping Skills

  3. Academic & Vocational Skills

  4. Time Management

  5. Task Completion

  6. Family & Community Integration

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